Hundreds of windows on a one million sq. ft. award-winning office complex, described as ‘a once in a generation project’, are being protected from the elements thanks to advanced sealing tape technology from ISO-CHEMIE.

An unspecified volume of ISO BLOCO ONE CONTROL has been installed on Bloomberg’s new £1.3bn European headquarters in the City of London, providing long-term protection against wind-blown rain ingress as well as an effective acoustic and thermal seal.

The Queen Victoria Street development, recipient of the prestigious RIBA Stirling Prize and designed by renowned architects Foster and Partners, is considered to be the most sustainable office building in the world.

It’s been designed to use 70% less water and 40% less energy than a typical office block, while the Stirling Prize is awarded to the building that makes ‘the biggest contribution to the evolution of architecture’.

Andy Swift, ISO-CHEMIE’s national sales manager, said: “Developers of buildings like the Bloomberg office want new ways to deliver low carbon structures, which use sustainable technologies. Our tapes support this, delivering measurable airtight, acoustic and thermal sealing properties.”

Up to 70% cost savings can be achieved using ISO-CHEMIE’s tapes, which enable installers to seal windows from inside the building and avoid the need to use time consuming and costly scaffolding and ladders among other external access systems.

The tapes offer a single product ‘fit and forget’ solution for fast and effective sealing based around the European RAL principles of three level sealing – the inside seal area is more airtight than the external one, allowing any trapped moisture inside the joint, or within the wall, to escape outwards rather than into the building.

Photo: ISO CHEMIE’s foam sealant tape has been used on the new Bloomberg HQ in London