Modular housing specialist, Comfortable Living, has launched the next step in its campaign to tackle the UK housing crisis and provide affordable housing with its online customisation tool Home Builder.

Founded in 2006 by Saadat Khan, Comfortable Living’s aim is to address the current issue of housing affordability and the lack of property being built by the Government and the big house builders. Comfortable Living does this by providing affordable modular housing to struggling UK home buyers via a construction process that is up to 20% cheaper than traditional methods and 50% quicker – with this reduced affordability passed onto each buyer.

What’s more, Comfortable Living’s homes do not require Help to Buy, which could save the nation’s first-time buyers £1.3bn a year, as well as saving the tax payer several billions.

Comfortable Living offers a range of standardised modular homes ranging from two, three and four bed options. They boast simple design quality and are manufactured in the UK but more importantly meet the high standards set for housing in the UK:

Approved by NHBC – the UK’s leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes
Homes England grant approved
Approved by the main UK mortgage lenders
Compliant with National Design Space Standards
Highly energy efficient
No quibble guarantee
Completely freehold.

With Home Builder, the online ‘build tool’, Comfortable Living won’t just deliver affordable housing, they’ll offer home buyers the freedom to tailor their property to suit their own personal needs and style preferences via their laptop. Using Home Builder allows buyers to customise their home with a wealth of options from the number of bedrooms, exterior window, render and brick style and interior carpets, worktops and doors – they can even include kitchen appliances and bathroom suites so that their home is designed, delivered and built with everything in place and ready to go.

Founder and CEO of Comfortable Living, Saadat Khan, commented: “Comfortable Living was established to help those who are most in need and to address the severe lack of affordable housing not only available but being delivered due to Government failure and the greed of the national house builders.

“We aren’t interested in maximising profits, we’re passionate about helping those onto the ladder who may otherwise be unable to afford it, and by dramatically reducing the cost of property construction, we’re able to pass the saving onto UK home buyers.

“Of course, we understand there may be some stigma around modular housing and an image of cramped, caravan like structures. That’s why we felt it was important to build a real show home and launch Home Builder. It enables us to not only showcase the quality, size and beauty of our modular housing, but allows our buyers to personalise one of our modular houses to their own style and needs in order to make it their home.”