A new BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) Wiki, created by its users and stakeholders, has been launched to advance knowledge sharing and collaborative solutions for the BRE family of sustainability tools.

BREEAM Wiki is part of the widely-used Designing Buildings Wiki, which is already an established favourite for the construction community with 3.7 million users a year. BREEAM Wiki promotes the uptake of sustainability by disseminating BREEAM best practice and lessons learnt, and making it easier for a diverse range of collaborators to share their knowledge. The development of the Wiki comes at a time when there is increasing evidence that crowd-sourced knowledge is more comprehensive and representative.

There are already more than 160 articles on BREEAM Wiki, together with a specially written series of ‘Issue Support Documents’ created to disseminate the most immediately useful information for individual sustainability topics.

Paul Thistlethwaite of BREEAM said: “We have set up the BREEAM Wiki within Designing Buildings with an emphasis on ease and accessibility. It is designed to allow a wide range of interested parties to contribute. You can add a single line to an existing article and add value in less than a minute. The wisdom of the crowd often outstrips that of a few experts and that is a resource that we want to harness.”

Co-founder of Designing Buildings Wiki, Dr Gregor Harvie, said: “Sustainability is all about working together for the common good. BREEAM Wiki is a fantastic opportunity for practitioners to share what they know and help others create a more sustainable environment. There’s already lots of great information on BREEAM Wiki, and it will get even better as more people engage with it.”

To contribute to BREEAM Wiki go to https://www.designingbuildings.co.uk/BREEAM_Wiki