The next generation of LED is set to shake up the lighting sector with an innovation that takes luminaires into a new realm. UK manufacturer Integral LED leads this charge with another radical design that stays true to its intention of ‘re-inventing lighting for an LED age’. The launch of its new Multi-Fit downlight range heralds a new direction in the LED lighting journey and puts ‘adaptability’ at installation at the centre of its design.

The Integral Multi-Fit downlight is the first of the next wave of LED units, aspiring to be the most versatile lighting fixture available. Essentially, the new product is a universal light that fits almost every size of ceiling cut-out likely to be encountered in the field. The Multi-Fit can be installed in cut-outs as small as 65mm and increasing up to a maximum size of 205mm. The aim is to provide a “one-product-fits-all” solution for both residential and workplace projects. Integral believes the product also serves an existing need to replace downlights on a maintenance cycle. The Multi-Fit’s adaptability allows for a uniform light fitting to be achieved, where an assortment of cut-outs exist across a ceiling.

“There are a growing number of advantages to LED when it comes to luminaire design. More efficient chips, the miniaturization of onboard circuits and the integration of heat management all contribute to making fixtures that are smaller, sleeker and more flexible. Integral LED’s Multi-Fit downlight is the first of a series of products that have been designed to provide a flexible solution on-site,” commented Alex Duggan, Senior Product Manager at Integral LED.

At the core of the Multi-Fit downlight is a uniquely designed configurable bracket and clip system that enables one fixture to span any aperture.  The lightweight aluminium body enables the springs to hold the fitting firmly in place within a plasterboard or suspended ceiling. Removing the clips allows the unit to be surface mounted, adding further flexibility. In addition, the downlight has an ultra-thin body and an elegant and compact design that will complement contemporary interiors.

Usefully the Multi-Fit’s diffuser, light source and control gear are all fitted below the ceiling line which avoids the provisions regarding use of TPa or TPb as stated in section 3.11 of Building Regulations. The luminaire is powered by a mere 18W and uses an integrated driver that eliminates visible flicker. The unit comes in a choice of 3000K and 4000K and outputs 1440lm and 1530lm respectively, through an opal frosted diffuser for a uniform light.

Integral is planning further additions to the Multi-Fit range of highly adaptable luminaires with further easy fit and universal installation features.