In the latest book from RIBA Publishing, leading architect and sustainability pioneer Bill Dunster makes the case for ZEDlife – an affordable, zero-carbon and zero-waste design framework. The new book offers a timely intervention as concern for sustainability in the build environment grows; it demonstrates both practical and positive ways of achieving a clean, green future that doesn’t cost the earth.

ZEDlife is the vision of Bill Dunster’s ZEDfactory, an architectural practice which is exclusively committed to low carbon building and development. It encapsulates attempts to reduce our environmental impact through Zero Energy Development (ZED) whilst at the same time increasing our quality of life through stimulating, distinctive and sustainable design.

With clients around the world, ZEDlife marks a seminal moment for Bill Dunster’s practice. It is set to provide vital reading for all those invested in seeing the built environment and society more widely successfully transition towards a low-carbon model – with relevant information for students as well as experienced practitioners.

From small-scale ideas to large-scale solutions in buildings and urban planning, the book offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to achieving sustainable design. Full-colour case studies of projects from across the globe illustrate that zero-carbon living is achievable today.

Commenting on the book, Bill Dunster said: “When there’s no top down plan that doesn’t involve collateral toxic waste – it’s up to us all to build our own future that works. The ZEDlife book assembles the latest tools that define a clean, healthy, affordable and hopefully peaceful way of living. Ranging from a single room to high density communities – this joined up and practical thinking can regenerate optimism for Generation ZED.

“The ZEDlife book will help householders, students, architects, engineers. clients, local councillors, planners, policy makers, politicians and investors meet the challenges of the century ahead.”

The book is also available to order on the RIBA Bookshops website for £30.00. Order your copy here: