Continuing with its commitment to achieving industry recognised accreditation for its technical products designed for the construction industry, Thermal Economics is pleased to announce that the BBA has certified its Alreflex Full Fill insulation for cavity wall constructions.

The cavity wall insulation is certified for use with only a 10mm residual cavity. It enables construction depths to be reduced and is and a great dense block solution. The product can be used to reduce the thermal transmittance (U value) in cavity walls and is an extremely cost effective way to not only meet, but exceed the requirements of Part L and Section 6 – even when using dense blocks. The insulation layer consists of a high-performance graphite enhanced rigid board (EPS) which has excellent thermal resistance. The board also has Alreflex Bubble Foil bonded to it which provides a water resistant outer layer and low emissive surface. Alreflex Breathable Tape is then used at board joints to create a waterproof surface that has been tested by the BBA to measure water ingress.

As well as being assessed on its thermal performance, the product has also been recognised for reducing the thickness of walls – providing cost savings in additional areas of a build such as:

• Reducing the footprint of dwelling
• Increasing the sellable floor area
• Reducing the cost of other components such as lintels, wall ties and cavity trays

Matt Tiller, Head of Technical Services at Thermal Economics concludes: “This is the first insulation of its kind to combine these properties. Although it is classed as a full fill product, our solution incorporates a minimal 10mm cavity between the boards and the outer leaf. This small cavity helps reduce the possibility of moisture build up, whilst ensuring that we achieve the lowest U-values possible, cost effectively.”