Owing to the durable MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME (MTX) panels from which they’re made, Oxford Planters handcrafted planters are both long-lasting and flawless in their finish.  “Our planters are a long-standing investment not a changeable accessory,” says Sarah, Director and Owner of Oxford Planters Ltd.

One of the first companies in the UK to start using MTX over five years ago, Oxford Planters Ltd. has built a reputation for creating a range of high end, exquisitely designed and crafted hardwood planters. That reputation is built on the quality of the materials used to create their products – among them, MTX.

MTX is used for painted products in their range, which also includes tables, chairs, benches, garden gates, pergolas and obelisks. Its selection by the highly skilled joiners and craftsmen at Oxford Planters comes down to two key attributes of the material: its durability and flat finish.

“We chose MTX because of its stability; we love that it holds its shape when subjected to the British weather,” said Sarah Pierce, Director and Owner of Oxford Planters Ltd. “Equally, the crisp detail on our planters can only be achieved when using a flat surface. To create such perfect detail, we needed a material that is true to form and comfortable to work with – MTX is all of this and more!”

As a modified wood panel, MTX is manufactured using an organic proprietary procedure called acetylation. This effectively alters the chemical makeup of the wood, transforming free hydroxyls into acetyl groups which helps dramatically reduce the wood’s tendency to absorb moisture. As a result, it achieves an enhanced stability, a longer lasting performance in wet environments and resistance to fungal decay.

These improved performance qualities in the wood don’t forfeit the usual design capabilities of traditional MDF. In fact, when it comes to painting the panels, the improved stability enhances the service life of the coating. Its extra smooth surface can also achieve the most intricate, clean and precise machining and design work.

“We found using MTX incredibly easy to work with once we had mastered how we could incorporate it into our designs,” said Sarah. “Our products must be structurally sound as well as beautiful so it was important for us to test and trial the material first; it passed with flying colours!

“As with all the timbers that we use in our joinery work, MTX meets the most exacting of environmental standards as it falls under FSC certification. This was very much a decisive factor when choosing an appropriate material for our painted planters. It’s important for us as a company to know that the timber we use comes from ecologically sound natural resources.”

Oxford Planters products are handmade to order in the company’s Oxfordshire workshop and shipped worldwide. Its customers include architects, garden designers, interior designers and private individuals.