The London Borough of Havering undertook plans to redevelop crossing zones on Farnham Road and Hildene Avenue as a method of improving functionality and enhancing the aesthetics of the area. In keeping with the surrounding streets, paving was the most appropriate hard landscaping material to incorporate and Tobermore provided the ideal solution with City Pave VS5 for the trafficked areas and a combination of Sienna and Pedesta Pencil Edge for the pedestrianised areas on site.

Daniel Jackson, Engineer at the London Borough of Havering, was heavily involved in the scheme and explained: “The objective was to improve the pedestrian crossing point at the Farnham Road/Service Road junction in terms of step-free access and tying in to previous works along the service road area. We narrowed the carriageway to six metres by the removal of the centre ‘hump’ and moving parking bays closer together. The space released at the front of the parking bays was considered for physical works to prevent vehicles overhanging the footway (thus increasing the effective footway width). This in turn allowed shop owners to place tables and chairs on the footway if they wished to create a more versatile and friendly pedestrian area.

“The open space area between the junction and Hilldene Avenue was reviewed in terms of the removal of bushes/shrubs and the lifting of tree canopies to improve views and thus improve natural surveillance. Bicycle parking and the provision of seating was included in this area as well as general improvements to the public realm.”

Paving was the choice of hard landscaping material as it could create continuity on an aesthetic level as well as meeting health and safety standards outlined for urban crossing zones. Daniel added: “The decision to use block paving was made as it is useful in visually breaking up larger element paving and it is easier to overcome level differences. Reinstatement from utilities in concrete blockwork is generally much neater than natural stone or asphalt.”

Daniel explained why Tobermore was specified above other paving products: “The main reason for specifying Tobermore products was because of the vibrant hard-wearing surface of the products. It is far too common that local authorities install paving products only for it to lose its pigment over a short period. Tobermore products were definitely a more superior option.”

Tobermore’s South East Sales team was in touch with The London Borough of Havering to help assist on the most appropriate paving solution. Tobermore’s City Pave VS5 was put forward as the best choice for the roadway as a paving product with the capability of withstanding vehicular use was absolutely essential.

City Pave VS5 is an interlocking block paving product that is manufactured with shift protection on five sides of the block to ensure maximum paving stability. The product is also produced with a granite aggregate surface layer that creates a contemporary look. The London Borough of Havering specified City Pave VS5 in the vibrant colour of Russet. Daniel commented: “The Russet blocks were used to highlight to drivers that a crossing is in the vicinity. The area with benches was designed as being a small area with quality paving, planters and more pedestrian friendly oasis that would or may attract people to sit and relax outside the newly constructed Library.”

Tobermore’s Sienna and Pedesta Pencil Edge block paving were specified for the pavements at the crossing zones. Similar to City Pave VS5, Sienna is manufactured with a granite aggregate surface layer that resembles the appearance of natural granite. Pedesta Pencil Edge is a hugely versatile product that is manufactured with a smooth, hard-wearing surface and is ideal for pedestrian and wheeled traffic use. The rectangular profile also allows the creation of distinctive patterns.

Daniel noted: “The concept of the design was to follow from what had been completed several years ago in the area fronting Hildene Avenue and from past experience it was understood that natural and charcoal colours provide a good contrast.” Tobermore’s product colour options served this ideal perfectly.

The works were completed in 2017 with an impressive result. Daniel commented: “I’m very pleased. It is our intention to commence a final phase of work in which Tobermore products will be specified.”

Daniel continued: “I would most certainly recommend Tobermore paving products to anyone in the construction industry.”