When it comes to the supply of door and window systems for education, GEZE UK gets top marks, as a new Project Portfolio outlines.

The brochure illustrates how various automatic and manual door control solutions and window technology systems have been applied in a range of schools, colleges and universities to meet specific purposes and the needs of staff and students.

It highlights how GEZE’s extensive product range is backed up by in-depth technical support to ensure the right solution is identified for various developments, their environments and projected uses.

The Project Portfolio Education features a series of case studies including stylish entrances and practical solutions including the City of Glasgow College where showcase entrances were installed at its City Campus.

Functionality, efficiency and durability were the requirements for Swansea University’s Bay Campus where GEZE’s automatic swing door operators were fitted on external main entrances and manual overhead door closers were fitted extensively throughout the student accommodation.

GEZE UK also graduated with flying colours from Manchester Metropolitan University where overhead door closers were installed providing student safety and accessibility to the Business School and Student Hub.

When it comes to going back to school, GEZE UK is top of the class. Accessibility was key in its involvement with Treloar School and College in Hampshire which caters for students with physical disabilities and learning difficulties.

Natural light and ventilation was a key consideration at a STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – Building, at Thorp Academy on Tyneside, which was fitted with GEZE manual window openers and closers.