This book is an accessible and enjoyable explanation that demystifies carbon reduction in the built environment and explains why architects will become central to energy and buildings.

It covers what to do through all the RIBA stages, the practical application of carbon reduction, reuse and recycling, circular economics, life cycle analysis, and carbon and cost. It has 13 carbon assessment case studies including structure, cladding, retrofit, recyclability, airports, large urban estates, and coffee.

Please Google – Targeting Zero Simon Sturgis – to review / purchase the book.

RICS’s have also launched their new Professional Statement: “Whole Life Carbon measurement: implementation in the built environment”.

This was produced by an industry wide team lead by Sturgis Carbon Profiling, and provides detailed guidance for assessing embodied and whole life carbon emissions. They are also currently engaged in discussions with the BRE with the aim of achieving alignment between BREEAM 2018 and the RICS Professional Statement.

The professional statement is currently out for consultation, which concludes on the 31st May. Once adjusted in response to the feedback, the Professional Statement will become mandatory, and regulated by the RICS.

We do hope you enjoy both of these contributions to carbon reduction in the built environment.