Offering a highly practical yet aesthetically pleasing surface solution for interior design hot spots such as the kitchen and bathroom, CRL Quartz by CRL Stone is available in an extra-large slab format.

Ideal for situations such as large island units in the kitchen, or a long run of counter top in the bathroom, the large slabs of quartz measure 3.3 x 1.65 metres.

Allowing for greater consistency in design over large spaces such as kitchen worktops, the slabs enable a join-free, seamless installation. This is not only aesthetically advantageous but also maximises hygiene, leaving nowhere for dirt or grime to gather.

Perfect for contract situations as well as domestically, CRL Quartz large slabs mean far less wastage, with fabricators enjoying a far better efficiency out of the bigger sizes.

CRL Quartz is a highly durable engineered quartz stone, available in 32 colours, with a polished finish and in thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm. CRL Quartz is non-porous, stain, scratch, heat and shock resistant. It is also very strong and simple to care for, making it ideal for applications of all types.