Creating the ideal indoor climate – for offices, schools, hospitals or gyms – can be a difficult task. One person’s ideal temperature may be uncomfortably chilly for another. So, wouldn’t it be better to consider a natural alternative or addition to air conditioning?

GEZE UK has the ideal solution with the introduction of natural ventilation systems that offer adjustable climate control, driven by ‘intelligent thinking’ window technology.

There are four modular systems, which range from simple open/close window control, to wireless climate ventilation, integrated ventilation and indoor climate building control, designed to work in isolation or with other climate control systems, such as air conditioning.

The simple open/close mechanism enables several single or grouped windows to be controlled by a single switch or building management system. It offers a practical, automatic adjustable closing function which prevents windows from being left open.

The wireless climate ventilation control allows an indoor climate to be maintained by automatically opening and closing the windows. A window control triggers their opening/closing based on the current room and external temperatures. A weather station is at the heart of this control – a compact device which records outdoor temperature, brightness, condensation and wind speed. This ‘talks’ to the control panel via wireless signals and as the control panel is battery operated it can be installed anywhere within a room.

Integrated ventilation control combines sensors and control technology to optimise natural ventilation. Temperature, humidity and CO2 levels inside the building are measured. The device controls the windows using free outputs -open/close in one or two steps.

The indoor climate building control system is a total solution that integrates with other climate and building controls. For example, it can be combined to work with solar shading, air conditioning or blinds. It benefits from automatic ventilation; the window controls are operated according to temperature and humidity and windows can be opened during the night in summer to allow the building to ‘breathe’ and then closed when the desired room temperature is reached.  A rain alarm will close the window to protect furniture and equipment from moisture and a wind alarm will also close the window once a selected wind speed is reached. It can be linked to heat and smoke extraction systems – opening windows when a fire alarm sounds to allow smoke and heat to escape. The system centres around a control unit with touch screen display, making it easily adjustable.

Kaz Spiewakowski, managing director of GEZE UK, said that the systems were tailor-made to meet the needs of customers with complete supply and installation – from technical advice and design support through to installation: “Our new ventilation and indoor climate control systems combine the advantages of natural ventilation with modern convenience. They offer significant benefits, reducing energy costs, improving safety, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to air conditioning and aiding the health and well-being of those using the building with a flow of ‘real fresh air’ and release of stale air.”