The term ‘environmentally friendly’ is a broad one, and it involves several factors. Greenhouse gas emissions, chemical use, life cycle analyses and energy consumption are major issues that require time and knowledge to understand. However, one need not understand everything to know the importance of protecting the environment, by making thoughtful choices with as little impact as possible on nature, the climate and the environment around us. At NorDan, we have been working with a focus on the environment for many years, which is a great benefit for our customers – and the climate.

Energy-saving solutions

The greenest energy of all is the energy that is never used. It is easy to think that all the energy we use in Norwegian homes comes from clean hydroelectric power, but the reality is often more nuanced. Moreover, it is more efficient to have better insulation than to use more energy for heating. That is why windows and doors that feature NorDan NTech-standard are among the best in class when it comes to insulating properties. NTech Passive represents a passive standard for doors and windows, which ensures insulating capabilities that are the best in the market. This leads to a more consistent internal climate, and as a result, cost savings for heating.

Green production

At the core of NorDan windows and doors is wood. We source wood from certified producers, guaranteeing sustainable forest management based on industry standards. NorDan was the first window and door manufacturer to be awarded the “Swan” Nordic Eco label, because we are constantly working to reduce energy consumption in production and minimise our environmental impact. Our environmental approach extends from selecting the right materials to production to the transport of our finished products.

Natural materials

Windows come in many designs, and there are many materials to choose from. At NorDan, we believe that natural materials form the basis for the best products. The wood we use contains no chlorine or phthalates, which are toxic to reproduction; and while wood and natural materials do age, they are easy to maintain, so your windows and doors will last for many, many years to come. Windows and doors from NorDan are not just made for you and your house. They are also designed with respect for the environment.