While there are arguments supporting the importance of many sectors within the business environment, facilities management is one area that offices couldn’t survive without. Even more so as cost reduction comes at the heart of almost every sector’s business plan, with the facilities management industry offering them a way to enjoy services such as cleaning and security at a reduced rate. In order to leverage this trend and upward industry growth, facilities management companies must keep costs down, to keep them low for their clients.

David Lynes, Director of UniqueIQ revealed: “The facilities management sector is predicted to grow from US$606.4bn to a huge US$1,887 by 2024, which is great news for the industry. But in order to benefit from this, companies must understand the reasons for this growth, updating their strategy to meet the needs of this growing client base.

“Businesses desire premium services from experts, but at low prices in order to keep in line with budget. Failing to meet this price expectation could result in lost custom. Keeping overheads low by streamlining the management of each outsourced service that is provided, and gaining clear insight into the movements of staff can help facilities management companies to keep their own outgoings down, making it possible to offer the rates that organisations are looking for.”

Facilities management teams are responsible for managing large, disjointed workforces, made up of cleaning, maintenance, security staff and more, often sourced from a range of external companies. As a result, it is easy for expenditure to rise and fall out of control, creating a challenge for facilities management businesses that are looking to capitalise on the industry’s growth.

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