KBI USA has completed the 2nd phase of a prestigious project to resurface the pathways around one of the country’s most famous natural landmarks.

The Old Faithful geyser within Yellowstone National Park is vital to the natural ecosystem of a vast area of land. The old pathway – which helped to form a walkable perimeter around the geyser – was in a poor state of repair and needed to be replaced.

Working in partnership with Michelin, KBI USA used recycled rubber crumb sourced from the park ranger’s vehicle tyres as the base material for our Flexipave porous surfacing material. The ‘thirsty’ surface will now allow water to penetrate straight through it.

The installation of the Flexipave material will help promote the natural replenishment of falling water directly back into the aquifer, reducing the amount of run-off that flows into neighbouring streams and ensuring that Old Faithful is kept in peak condition.

Having sponsored the tyres for the park’s official vehicles for many years, Michelin drove the project as part of a long-term sustainability plan to assist the green-footprint of the park’s operations.