kamstrup-multical-403-heat-meter-386x386Utilising innovative ultrasound technology, the new Kamstrup Multical 403 energy meter offers to cut costs through an easy to install design, remote readings and data logging. 247able is the leading service supplier and manufacturer of industrial instrumentation and controls, including Kamstrup energy meters.

With the Multical 403 there’s no longer a need to access the meter directly in order to take a reading. Utilising 247able’s ‘MinuteView’ web portal operators can get fast and easy access to consumption data, allowing them to analyse the distribution network, supporting both wireless reading and cabled meters. Using this technology not only means companies can provide accurate bills but also be equipped with more knowledge about consumption and other areas that can be used to aid future decision making processes.

The two-way communication of Multical 403 and the MinuteView web app means that viewing the log and taking readings can be done from outside of buildings on a mobile or tablet, providing further flexibility and saving time.

Dave Quelch, Business Development Manager of ABLE Instruments, said: “Cutting financial costs and other resources where possible is a vital step in making businesses more streamline and efficient and it’s no different for energy companies. The innovative new features on the Kamstrup Multical 403 means that firms can make real, tangible savings in terms of both costs and time from installing the meter to making routine readings once it’s in place.”

The improved design of the Multical 403 means that it’s possible to install the device with only one screwdriver. It’s also more compact than its 402 predecessor whilst not compromising on display angle, even in confined spaces. The new design means that the device is suitable for a range of environments giving additional flexibility. The meter selection ranges from qp 0.6 to qp 15 m3/h so it is applicable for a variety of locations, from residential apartments to shopping centres.

Kamstrup also promises that the quality and rugged design of the Multical 403 will reduce maintenance requirements, helping to cut costs and other resources needed further.