downtime-is-a-good-timeSays Sarah James, Sika Flooring Marketing Manager…

In business, time is money, a truism which is particularly relevant to areas of heavy industry where plants and factories need to operate without interruption to guarantee consistent output. As Christmas approaches, thoughts of business owners nationwide will be turning to how to maximise downtime during the festive period when the construction industry effectively shuts for a fortnight.

With factories clear of staff, bosses can put site maintenance plans into place, which in some cases will involve the refurbishment or installation of new floors. Like Christmas, the opportunity to fully-upgrade an industrial workspace “comes but once a year”. With such a limited window, the need to employ systems which ensure refurbishment is carried out to the highest quality and shortest space of time is paramount.

In terms of industrial flooring, the Sikafloor Pronto system offers an easy-to-apply resin-based solution for a range of environments and climactic conditions. Its rapid-curing properties are ideal for installations where time is of the essence. Durable, with high-quality slip and chemical resistance, the Sikafloor Pronto system delivers a seamless, hi-gloss, easy-to-clean floor capable of withstanding long-term use of heavy machinery.

Hard-wearing as well as aesthetically-pleasing, the Sikafloor Pronto system transforms a workspace’s look and performance, providing timely boost for staff returning from Christmas holidays.

The traditional, six-week summer holiday affords schools and colleges greater opportunity for refurbishment, but the same needs apply when it comes to floor selection. Sika‘s ComfortFloor range offers an attractive alternative to traditional flooring.An easily applied, high-performance liquid, this hard-wearing system comes in an expansive range of colours and meets a wealth of aesthetic requirements, a particularly useful property in schools where the learning environment’s appearance can have both a positive and negative effect on student mood and behaviour.

Kitchen areas, whether in schools, workplaces or commercial premises such as diners and restaurants, need to meet the most stringent hygiene, health and safety standards.This is where resin flooring really comes into its own. Easily cleaned and hard-wearing, Sika’s Sikafloor-20 PurCem is a multicomponent, resin-rich, cement and aggregate screed suitable for floors subject to heavy loading abrasion and chemical exposure.

Offering medium-to-heavy profile slip resistance, Sika’s Sikafloor-20 PurCem has been specified for the catering area at the soon-to-be rebuilt Warner Stand at Lord’s, the home of cricket, where only a quality, high-performance flooring system will do for the multimillion pound refurbishment of a sporting venue of such magnitude.

Versatile, rapid-curing, durable, smart, sustainable…there are many reasons for choosing resin flooring over traditional surface coverings. Its rapid, easy-to-apply properties, however, will play a major part in its specification during the festive season; helping reduce disruption at production sites countrywide. Cost-effectiveness and quality might be the biggest reasons of all to choose resin.