NEW ISO-BLOCO WIN2WALL SPECIFIEDISO-BLOCO WIN2WALL tape from ISO-CHEMIE has been specified to provide improved sealing of perimeter joints between windows, doors and walls at a residential refurbishment project in Cumbria.

Not only has ISO-BLOCO WIN2WALL enabled easy sealing from within the property to provide improved thermal insulation but has covered gaps from 2 mm to 8 mm, accommodating the combination of five section bay windows, regular windows and French and composite doors installed onsite.

The tape was specified for the project to provide improved U-value throughout the property, which is located in Workington and was originally built over 50 years ago.

WIN2WALL is also weather tight to 600 Pa (Violent Storm Force 11) and has excellent acoustic insulation properties, providing installation with a U-Value of 1.2 – equivalent to an Energy A-rated window.

Graeme Pritt, director Workington-based The Window Outlet, which undertook the installation work, said: “The application required a high performance, long term sealing solution, which has been provided by ISO BLOCO WIN2WALL.”

ISO BLOCO WIN2WALL is applied to the window prior to installation and features a slow expansion speed to offer ease of installation for large windows and doors.

Product complies with the Zero Carbon Hub project by using materials that fill the gap between ‘designed performance’ and ‘built performance’ to give a guaranteed on site performance. This makes it particularly useful to new build developers who are looking for excellent and consistent performance across potentially large installation projects.

Along with ISO-CHEMIE’s ISO-BLOCO ONE sealing tape, WIN2WALL is also permeable to outward moving vapour diffusion according to the RAL principles of 3-level sealing and is more air tight on the inside than the out. This guarantees that the joint will dry out completely.