Scriptor Court situated on Farringdon RoadScriptor Court situated on Farringdon Road, London is a conservation controlled building. As a desirable office space Scriptor Court was in need of an updated glazing solution where the principle issue was to combat heat loss and maintain the clarity of the existing primary glazing.

As large glazed areas were leaking heat and with a targeted U-Value below 2 W/m2k, Granada Secondary Double Glazing advised that 6mm toughened low iron e glass would ensure the best solution. The low iron content of the glass boasts superior visual clarity and a reduced green tint inherent with other glass.

Paul Leddra the project manager for the fit out was delighted with the outcome, he mentions: “The U-Value attained was 1.868 W/m2k which was substantially below the target. Granada provided a solution which reduced the U-Value whilst maintaining the visual clarity.”

Mike Latham, Granada’s Commercial Director stated: “Granada’s full managed process from design, manufacture and installation is a seamless process. The solutions we manufacture and install are geared to rectify principle issues, in this case we provided a glazing package which decreased the buildings carbon footprint whilst maintaining visual clarity when looking through the glass.”