InstaGroup release on InstaClad Park Home System 3Poorly insulated park homes are costing their owners a small fortune in energy bills. Now one of the UK’s leading energy saving companies, InstaGroup, has developed a new, patented external wall insulation system to give park homes a new lease of life.

It’s called the InstaClad Park Home System, which is a special adaptation of the company’s widely acclaimed all-weather solid wall insulation. Not only is the new system BBA approved, it also has a Quality Assurance Guarantee of 25 years.

Berkshire park home owner Theresa Brown is among the customers whose park homes have been transformed with the new system.

‘InstaGroup’s team were excellent. They did a fantastic job. I’m really thrilled. It’s spotlessly white and everybody who visits says it’s a lovely job,’ she tells InstaGroup TV (Youtube).

Many park homes rely on costly LPG or electricity to heat their homes. InstaClad can save an owner more than £325* a year on heating bills. Trained installers can transform an old park home with the new insulation materials, drastically improving energy saving and the external appearance of the property.

‘Rest assured, InstaClad is designed to suit the insulation challenges which are unique to park homes,’ says InstaGroup Technical Director Terry Evans.

It’s estimated more than 160,000 people live in park homes in England and Wales, many of which were built before insulation standards were improved. The build quality of the older park home means they lose heat easily from all areas, leaving them damp and cold, especially in the winter months.

Many energy saving companies are not equipped to deal with the difficulties of insulating a mobile park home.  One of the big challenges is avoiding adding excessive weight to the property. InstaClad is 25 Percent lighter than other products. Another critical issue found with double units is ensuring the jointing strip is not installed in a way that would breach the requirements of park home status. InstaClad ensures no breach is made. There is also an option to insulate floors and ceiling, if not yet insulated.

‘InstaGroup has been an industry leader for 30 years and is proud to have pioneered solutions for external wall insulation, especially for park homes. We are also delighted to announce that we can now offer a 25 year guarantee on our InstaClad Park Home System, effectively giving the property a new lease of life,’ says Terry Evans.

In conjunction with partners in the Snug Network, the company has a strong reputation among local authorities, which own a small number of the UK’s park homes. Councils would benefit greatly from tailored insulation systems, not only in keeping tenants warmer and less prone to illness but also in meeting targets for energy saving.

InstaClad uses specially engineered techniques to ensure a speedy application, including in cold conditions, with minimum disruption onsite. The benefits are numerous: Supports energy efficiency and cuts CO2 emissions, BBA certified, instantly improves park home appearance, enhanced weatherproofing qualities and excellent sound-proofing properties.

‘InstaGroup and our partners in the Snug Network are trusted to deliver consistent, high quality results to over 500,000 homes and businesses across the UK every year,’ says Terry Evans.

*£326.40 annual bill saving for an 86m2 park home built 1983-1995 without modifications on mains gas for heating and 100mm existing loft insulation (£184.37 walls, £77.59 floor and £64.44 loft savings)