digitalenergy urges organisations to “Energy Proof”Digitalenergy is calling on organisations to “energy proof” their business to ensure to that they don’t fall foul of rapidly evolving energy and carbon reduction legislation.

The energy management software company believes that the only way businesses can ensure compliance with current – and future – energy and carbon legislation is by monitoring and controlling their daily usage in real-time.

Digitalenergy works with clients nationally to reduce their energy costs and consumption by collating, analysing and interpreting energy use, before presenting this information in meaningful cloud-based reports, charts, dashboards and web pages. With this real-time data at their fingertips, companies can manage their energy usage and simultaneously ensure that they’re adhering to all legislative requirements.

Digitalenergy’s Managing Director Richard Hipkiss said that: “Companies choosing to take control of their energy consumption also help “energy proof” themselves against evolving legal requirements to report and reduce their emissions in the future.”

Mr Hipkiss explained: “Carbon reduction legislation is changing at an unprecedented rate making it imperative for businesses to cut costs and carbon emissions without delay. As legislation stands today, large businesses will need to report their energy use under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) in 2019 while simultaneously bracing themselves to pay increased tax on every unit of energy consumed when the Climate Change Levy is increased that year.

“It’s only when a company truly knows how much energy it’s using in real-time that it can reduce consumption, while simultaneously having all the information it requires to demonstrate ESOS compliance. This targeted approach has allowed both public and private sector clients to slash energy wastage across their organisation.

“We have recognized that over the last 10 years of solution development that different companies have different needs. With our professional software framework a company can be provided with all of the tools in a simple cloud based format to be able to collect, analyse and take action on excessive energy consumption whilst also taking care of compliance requirements such as the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme or the Carbon Reduction Commitment.

“For service providers a consultant edition enables energy management for multiple organizations to be transparently included within Facilities Management contracts. With simple measurement and verification designed in Digitalenergy, you are able to determine whether an energy reduction project is successful or not, in real time. Of course, a key to successful energy reductions is having accessible data to analyse. Even with rapid advancements in Government smart metering programs there can still be a data gap. Extensive meter solution options are available to provide data strategy to companies large and small.

“Energy dashboards are becoming a more common site in company receptions to indicate energy consumption to staff and visitors. A dashboard should enable action by visualizing the current situation to encourage viewers to behave in a certain way. At Digitalenergy we can create dashboards as part of a specific energy campaign or just to encourage competition.

“In fact, at Digitalenergy we are able to carry out bespoke development or connect (AaaS) energy management with your current Facilities Management software to meet the need of companies of all sizes.”