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Aluminium Frame Co Ltd benefits from WIN2WALL’s improved thermal and acoustic properties on its Schüco residential windows’ installations

ISO-CHEMIE’s new ISO-BLOCO WIN2WALL has been specified for the first time by one of North of England’s leading aluminium window and door installation specialists.

Leeds-based Aluminium Frame Co Ltd turned to the improved thermal and acoustic benefits provided by WIN2WALL to complete a Schüco residential windows’ installation and has been so impressed by the multi-level tape’s performance that it will be specified for future work.

WIN2WALL combines excellent performance with competitive cost and is specifically designed for sealing the perimeter joint between windows, doors and walls in the UK.

The product enables quick and easy sealing from inside the building of gaps ranging from 2mm to 8mm, accommodating the vast majority of UK window installations. It is supplied in two widths to provide the extra thermal insulation equivalent to A Rated (40mm tape) or A+ and A++ windows (65 mm tape).

Paul Clarke, owner of Aluminium Frame Co Ltd, said that WIN2WALL provided demonstrable installation improvements when compared to an alternative mastic sealant, and added:

“WIN2WALL is not only quick and easy-to-use but clearly offers improved all round airtightness and acoustic performance. It’s a good quality product that also delivers a neat finish to complement the good looks of the aluminium windows. We’ll definitely be using on future installations.”

WIN2WALL is weather tight to 600 Pa and has excellent acoustic insulation properties. Installing a window or door using the tape will give the window an equivalent or better thermal property than the window unit itself.

Even the smaller 40mm size tape will give the joint between the window and wall a U-Value of 1.2, equivalent to an Energy A-rated window, while the larger version will provide an A-Value of 0.7, which is better than a triple glazedPassivhaus standard window.

Product also complies with the Zero Carbon Hub project by using materials that fill the gap between ‘designed performance’ and ‘built performance’ to give a guaranteed on site performance. This makes WIN2WALL beneficial for new build developers who are looking for consistent performance across potentially large installation projects.

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