• FlexothermModular renewable heat pump system offers unrivalled energy efficiency performance and flexible specification options
  • A renewable solution for all energy sources – air, water and ground
  • Part of the  Vaillant Green IQ range

Specifiers and installers looking to utilise the latest renewable heating technology can benefit from the outstanding performance and flexibility delivered by Vaillant’s next generation flexoTHERM modular range of heat pumps.

Available as a 400V heat pump with 15kw and 19kw outputs for light commercial applications and 230V with 5kW, 8kW and 11kW outputs for domestic installations, the flexoTHERM provides a highly efficient, heating solution for all energy sources – air, water and ground – ensuring it can be utilised in a wide range of scenarios, including retrofit and new build specifications.

Energy sources

In the 400V version, the flexoTHERM range is available with a choice of energy source modules including the aroCOLLECT, an air to water heat exchanger which operates at a very low audible level and gives excellent seasonal performance.  The aroCOLLECT also comes with the option of a twin unit connection with balanced Tichelmann piping to ensure an even flow of brine through the unit when two fans are installed.

Available in the 230V and 400V heat pump outputs and for unique applications with access to its own water source, the fluoCOLLECT water to water stainless steel heat exchanger module is an ideal alternative to a ground loop.

It comes with a highly engineered brine filling accessory to make installation simpler and the vapour diffusion tight casing prevents condensation, which would otherwise occur due to the low temperature of the brine.  If an additional heat source is required, the fluoCOLLECT can connect with a ground source array.

Green and quiet

The new flexoTHERM range is the first heat pump to qualify for Vaillant’s Green iQ badge – indicating that it sets a new standard in environmentally friendly heating technologies through recyclable components, intelligently optimised consumption rates and online connectivity that means it can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet app with energy monitoring as standard.  It also offers low operating noise levels and has been awarded a ‘Quiet Mark’ by the Noise Abatement Society.

flexoTHERM accessories

Addressing issues around balancing efficiency and air quality in modern homes, Vaillant has developed a passive cooling module to ensure occupants’ comfort in the summer months.  Possible when the flexoTHERM is connected with a ground collector and suitable with under floor heating and fan coil systems, the passive cooling heat exchanger removes the thermal energy stored in the room and discharges it into the ground.

Also available with the flexoTHERM is the Vaillant VRC 700 System Control; a unique weather compensating system control which constantly monitors the outside temperature and intelligently adapts to optimise the appliance’s output for maximum efficiency and comfort.

As an extension to the VRC 700, the VR 91 allows time and temperature control of the associated heating zone it has been placed within.

John Bailey, Sales Director – Commercial and Renewable Systems for Vaillant UK, comments: “At Vaillant, we have recognised that if we are to encourage a greater take up of renewables, then we need to find ways to overcome some of the specification barriers.  The modular flexoTHERM range is a step change in the development of renewable technology options for the commercial and domestic markets.  It offers customers the option of investing in green technologies that are proven to deliver from energy performance efficiency, sustainability and system flexibility perspectives while being straightforward to install.”

For further information http://www.vaillant.co.uk/installers/products/flexotherm-19776.en_gb.html