Gilgen_PST_AutoDoor_MIDGilgen Door Systems has launched a new energy-efficient automatic door which overcomes the design limitations often associated with thermally insulated products, delivering a solution which is both elegant in appearance and efficient in operation. The Gilgen PST <green wings> sliding door comes with low-profile slimline looks and offers outstanding energy performance, expressed as ‘U’ values, enabling entrances to be built sustainably without compromising design.

The technologically advanced Gilgen SLX-M drive system and energy-efficient PST door profiles combine to form a single unit. As part of the Gilgen <green wings> automatic door range, this combination provides a robust thermal barrier with a low visible profile similar to a standard automatic door. The design of these doors, with their thermally separated profiles combined with double or triple glazing (up to 38mm thick) goes far beyond that of conventional sliding doors – both in terms of function and design; the compact drive mechanism and slim profiles being well matched to the straight lines of today’s modern architecture.

Maximum heat insulation, low investment costs

With system ‘U’ values of 1.1 to 1.8, depending on the configuration, these automatic doors fulfil the exacting demands of architects, specifiers and building owners in a World where energy efficiency and sustainability are a growing concern.

Fast operation and smooth opening and closing alone help these doors to create energy savings and reduce utility costs as they efficiently separate warm and cold areas. Independent test evidence provides proof of the low ‘U’ values and low air permeability to match. Furthermore high wind load capacity and resistance to driving rain makes the PST automatic door ideal for exposed locations, where buildings require a little extra protection from the elements.

The Gilgen PST system is designed to EN16005 standards and available in single or two leaf bi-parting configurations for 700-3000mm opening widths. An extensive range of options adds value to the finished solution; optional features include glazed overhead panels, an emergency exit function and a multi-point ‘Fluveri’ locking system integrated into the door leaf. Doors situated in very exposed locations can also be equipped with bottom guide-rails with drainage to prevent water ingress.

This energy-efficient automatic door offers one further benefit, not only does it save energy; it is competitively priced helping to ensure a great return on investment. For further information on the Gilgen <green wings> automatic door range visit