does your company needCelotex, specialist PIR insulation providers with over 90 years of experience in the industry, unveils a new innovative range of flat roofing solutions giving installers a versatile, quality product range. The range comprises three products; Celotex Crown-Bond, Crown-Up and Crown-Fix.

Celotex is committed to continual product development and is proud of their strong partnerships and relationships throughout the world of construction. Through collaborative customer relationships, internal expertise and non-negotiable high standards, Celotex’s new Flat Roofing range meets the high standards of integrity and performance the market demands.

The new Flat Roofing range has been created in conjunction with contractors, installers and distributors. It was developed and rigorously tested for an 18 month period prior to its launch to ensure the result is of the highest standard, while giving installers a solution to meet their needs.

Celotex Crown-Bond in particular embodies their values of expertise and clever solutions, offering cutting edge thinness and thermal performance.

Not only does this new range provide the practical excellence and performance required, but Celotex customers enjoy the benefits of personal expert advice, support and service synonymous with the brand’s name, which is unmatched in the market.

In addition, Celotex’s unrivalled, intuitive online support gives customers access to practical project management tools, including an easy to use U-value calculator.