innovative LED lighting solutions for data centre operationsA global IT solutions provider needed a new lighting solution to help dramatically reduce energy costs across one of its data centres. At the same time the new lighting solution needed to improve overall levels of light, particularly in terms of light quality, colour, CRI and uniformity. The chosen solution also needed to reduce overall maintenance associated with the data centre’s lighting, particularly in high security areas such as the COLOs and Main Distribution Facility.

CBRE Norland Managed Services approached WaveGuide Technologies to provide an effective lighting solution for the data centre. With their ultra-low energy luminaires and ability to design bespoke precision lighting solutions WaveGuide Lighting Technologies specified MHA Lighting Ltd for the project.

By utilising MHA Lighting’s End Lit Rod technology WaveGuide were able to design a lighting scheme that dramatically reduced the number of fixtures whilst offering higher levels of uniformity in a number of areas including the COLO’s, offices, corridors, stairwells, high value storage areas and external carparks. The expert design team at WaveGuide also removed existing fittings from hard to reach, high risk areas within the COLOs and MDF.

In total 1044 MHA Lighting fittings replaced 1641 fittings (a 36% reduction in the number of fittings). This meant that the load was reduced from 193kw to just 49.5kw – an absolute energy saving of 74%. With the integration of PIR sensors in those areas where lights are on 24 hours a day, energy savings will be in excess of 85%.

Lux levels, CRI and light uniformity in all areas across the project were improved. At the same time the proposed fixtures offered a useful LED lifetime of 109,000 hours meaning that the fixtures will operate maintenance free for their entire lifetime (almost 12.5 years for a 24/7/365 operation). This lifetime is backed up by a 10 year fully serviced warranty meaning that Waveguide take full responsibility for the lights, and the client enjoys all the benefits of a maintenance free solution.

In the stairwell areas, the new luminaires were individually fitted with a PIR sensor set to 25% until activated to 100% by staff entering the area. This means there is always light present on the stairwells and energy savings in those areas are increased by over 80%.

All of the project objectives were achieved:

85 % energy savings and associated carbon reduction
36% less light fittings installed
Exceptional light levels, uniformity, colour and CRI
Positive feedback from staff in relation to improving their working environment.

The products long life and reliability, backed up by the warranty, means that the client can enjoy these benefits with full peace of mind for the next decade.

“We are delighted with WaveGuide’s lighting scheme and the wealth of benefits that MHA’s Lighting’s new fittings have delivered for our data centre client. At CBRE Norland Managed Services we pride ourselves on providing a full suite of facilities, energy and project management services. Norland’s strategy to deliver exceptional service to our customers is hugely dependent on the capability and delivery of our supply partners.

“WaveGuide Lighting Technologies and MHA Lighting Ltd share our passion for quality and service, which are essential values when meeting the demands of a business-critical 24 hour/day data centre operation.”