Going back to GlassIntegral LED has once again targeted the retro-fit lamp market by focusing on aesthetic detail. The UK LED manufacturer has championed products that look identical to the original halogen or incandescent bulb that they are designed to replace. Over the last couple of years, classic GLS equivalents have been a highlight of their expanding range. Now Integral’s new LED GU10s have taken a retro-step back to glass.

Luminaires in the halogen era were designed to allow light to pass through the wall of the globe – effectively shining light backwards. This feature was intended to spill infra-red and ultra-violet light sideways in order to dissipate the intense heat that is emitted by a tungsten filament. Many luminaires (especially in bathrooms) are designed to allow this attractive iridescent and multi-coloured light to be pooled on the ceiling and other adjacent surfaces. To enable this effect, the lamp holder in many fixtures was cut back to surround the stem or cylinder of the lamp itself.

Integral’s new Classic Glass range of glass bodied LED GU10s have revived the aesthetic look of a dichroic halogen spotlight. The solid therma-plastic body of current LED models has been replaced by glass which is a perfect complement for many existing decorative luminaires.

“Our design team aim to remove the barriers that hamper customers choosing LED retrofit lights. The Classic Glass range of GU10 lamps offers a real alternative to the good looks of the Halogen dichroic GU10s they are destined to replace” commented Samik Halai, Senior Product Manager.

The Classic Glass range also features a derivative of the popular ‘fly-eye’ lens that reduces glare by focussing the light beam through a collimated prism. The source consists of several LED chips or surface mounted devices that combine to generate a ‘COB-like’ light that decreases the heat profile of the lamp thus allowing for the use of glass.

Integral LED has initially launched four non-dimmable versions of the GU10s 3.6w equivalent to 35W existing spotlight and a 4.4W lamp which exceeds the lumen strength of a typical 50W halogen equivalent at 375 (useful lumens). Hence, the new top specification Classic Glass GU10 delivers a strong light whilst breaking the 5 watt power barrier which qualifies the lamp as domestic building part L1 compliant.

The Integral Classic range is an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchen where low profile lamp-holder luminaires often feature. A choice of 2700 and 4000 colour temperatures is also a useful way to deliver a functional light for a work surface or alternatively a more ambient illumination over a dining or lounge area. Effectively, the silver mirrored exterior of the GU10 presents a universal finish which does not clash with any luminaire, whether it is silver, bronze, black or white.

The Classic GU10 range is available now through electrical wholesalers and distributors including Lyco, International LEDs, Lighting Direct, CLD Distribution and Ryness, with a dimmable version of the range launching early 2016.