E-Save Heating, based in Chertsey, was set up with the specific role of supplying customers, residential and commercial alike, with an alternative to standard boiler based systems.

Removing the need for gas supply to a property, the electrically powered systems are 100% efficient with a lifespan four times longer than a standard boiler. With an install cost comparable with that of  its outdated predecessors it is the sensible alternative. The systems operate at a fraction of the cost of a standard system and requires no maintenance or servicing whatsoever.

The Logicor Clear Heater System is a patented British invention which uses infra-red rays to heat objects in a room as opposed to standard convection heating which circulates warm air. Infra-red gives a more even distribution of heat meaning temperatures can be set to 2 degrees Celsius less than with convection heating to achieve the same effect, minimising energy bills but maintaining the same comfort levels. Logicor’s In Line Hot Water System which heats water to a pre-set temperature almost instantaneously offers additional cost efficiencies for customers.

Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association has become the first housing association in the UK to invest in this revolutionary heating technology, installing in 139 of their homes, providing cost savings for it’s customers, and promising health benefits too.

As energy prices continue to increase a real substitute for the norm is finally available:
Uses radiant heat – very efficient
Overall savings 50%-70%
Control the system by spend/carbon or Kw/h
No pollution
Carbon footprint reduction
Minimise carbon tax (which will be introduced in the coming years)
Individual room temperature control
No maintenance or service requirements, easy to clean
No plumbing or pipework required
Automatically updates
Intelligent learning
Collates information from the met office daily to determine external conditions and determine internal heat requirements
20 years guarantee 33 year minimum life expectancy.