Councils save money on street lighting with VentureVenture Lighting Europe has supplied to a number of street lighting projects throughout the UK as a cost-effective replacement of previous lamps. The company has seen many successful applications of its lamps across London with over 2000 of Venture’s street lighting solutions supplied, and another 1000 in Aberdeen.

Success for Venture’s CM City street lamps around the country is reflected in no less than 26,000 lamps installed across the town of Dudley. The high-performance lamps have also been used for schemes in the London Borough of Bexley and in Aberdeen. The energy efficient ceramic metal halide lamps save typically 30% of energy when compared to standard metal halide light sources and have double the life expectancy.

Cromwell Road, home to London’s Victoria and Albert and Natural History Museums, has been installed with over 100 of Venture’s high-efficiency Retrofit Integrated Optics (RIO) street lighting system which offers up to 47% energy savings when replacing high pressure sodium lamps. The retrofit systems were also installed nearby across Chelsea Embankment, Millbank and Grosvenor Road with around 400 of the street lighting optics being used across central London.

London’s Borough of Barking and Dagenham has also specified one of Venture’s retrofit street lighting solutions with 1000 of the company’s 70W Sustainability Lamps installed in the area. The low energy costs and extended life of these metal halide lamp have resulted in significant monetary savings for the local council with the added benefit of high-performance street lighting.