Venture's long life LEDs popular choice for busy warehouseVenture Lighting Europe’s smart technology range is proving a popular choice in the industrial market, with 150 of the company’s Integrated Driver Technology (IDT) Highbay LEDs supplied to one of the UK’s market leading building materials suppliers.

Installed at its main distribution centre, the company required lighting to be available for up to 20 hours a day to light the busy warehouse. The company was looking for an energy saving replacement for its 400W high-bays to reduce the costs to light the premises.

Venture’s 150W IDT Highbays were installed to light the aisles of the warehouse, providing a bright and efficient light source to ensure safe manual and fork-lift truck operations whilst offering a long life of 50,000 hours.

The company combined the IDT Highbays with motion sensors and programmed the system to turn each light on individually when a presence is detected. This energy-saving technique prevents lights from being left on when the area is not in use and alongside the energy savings from the Venture’s LEDs will ultimately save the company a significant amount of money.

The VLED IDT luminaire is an overall robust product designed to meet the high demands of an industrial lighting scheme, such as high performance lighting over a long period of time. The long-life and low maintenance qualities of the IDT product ensures that very little disruption is caused to warehouses, factories or other production facilities which may result in the temporary shutdown of operations. The slim line fixtures are IP65 rated and have also been designed and tested to tolerate maximum debris, offering optimum efficiency and performance even in the most demanding of applications.

Phil Croker of Venture Lighting Europe explains: “The IDT range is particularly robust and offers improved reliability when compared with other LED products. Rated at 50,000hr life, the advanced system operates directly from the mains supply with an integrated driver within the product itself. This consequently eliminates the risk of early failure due the omission of typical power capacitors in a traditional driver circuit.”

The life and reliability of the IDT Highbays is also enhanced with an integrated smart heat sink for optimised thermal management. The heat sink provides excellent thermal performance in dissipating the heat away from the LED arrays, maintaining consistent performance throughout the life of the product.