Airius and Lush Retail Ltd is one such storyAirius Europe Ltd are energy saving and air circulation specialists focusing on thermal destratification through the use of their patented award winning thermal destratification fans. The natural process of thermal stratification occurs in all buildings. Thermal stratification is caused by hot air rising up to the ceiling or roof space because it is lighter than the surrounding cooler air. In contrast, cool air falls to the floor as it is heavier than the surrounding warmer air, resulting in dramatic differences in temperatures from floor to ceiling.

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, easy to install and cost effective the Airius destratification system is the perfect solution to improving the efficiency of heating and cooling systems by reducing energy consumption, running costs and carbon emission by 20%-50%.

According to utility giant DTE Energy, thermal stratification is the single biggest waste of energy in buildings today, so it’s no wonder The Carbon Trust recommends destratification as one of its top three carbon saving measures.

Over the years Airius has gained a number of ‘real-world’ success stories demonstrating how the team has worked closely with customers to overcome a variety of different energy reduction and environmental issues.

Lush Retail Ltd is one such story.  Like all businesses trying to adapt and adhere to the ever growing pressure from UK and EU legislation to reduce carbon emissions and become more energy efficient, Lush Retail Ltd approached Airius to address the high energy consumption at their manufacturing facility in Poole, Dorset.  The building also suffered from uncomfortably cold temperatures at floor level as their heating system was unable to reach acceptable conditions.  Following installation of the Airius system conditions were vastly improved for occupants and they made a saving of over 60% on their heating costs, resulting in a return on investment of 26 days!

Since launching in 2006, Airius has enjoyed numerous successes, including winning the ‘Innovation Award for Environmental Technology’ at the highly coveted Environment and Energy Awards 2014, held as part of The Sustainability Live Exhibition, where it fought off stiff competition from retail giant B&Q to scoop the Award.

Installed across industrial, commercial and retail sectors Airius is a world leader in destratification technology and has seen a significant success and continued growth in sales over the past few years, with over 85,000 fans sold worldwide.