supply chains put on courseEfficient workflow management is key to modern businesses in the energy and compliance sector. Having one application to manage daily workloads, appointment scheduling, key documents and data in a property-centric manner is akin to gold dust. However, that is exactly what Stroma Certification has delivered to support Green Deal and ECO activity for GDAOs, GDPs, GDAs and GDIs with the latest release of its Tracker workflow management software at version 3.1.

The key to Tracker is the connectivity from field worker to the back office and this has been augmented in version 3.1 with the addition of the lone worker feature. Tracker not only integrates with a business’ existing internal systems to ease the management of data between back office operations and field based staff – it also works as a standalone workflow system. Tracker works alongside the customer journey to connect assessors, installers and operational teams through specific business stages by communicating activity in real time.

Tracker also has the ability to go mobile in real time so that data can be easily transferred to the back office. The new release improves this flexibility even further by allowing users to select the features of Tracker which are most applicable to them. This allows companies to use Tracker as a standalone, end to end system. Stroma Certification has successfully integrated Tracker with many different businesses.

The feature rich award-winning software upgrade now offers two versions: Standard and Professional so companies can select the software elements most relevant to their operational requirements and business KPIs.

Priced at only £1 per property with no upfront software charges, the Standard system is proving to be a solid support software that really does the hard work for you. Fixed rate usage options are also available on request meaning you can save significantly on your monthly operations, or simply upgrade to the Professional version which is jam packed with features and further enhancements. This predominantly features ECO centric tools including Ofgem approved assets for ECO scoring, banking, reporting and monitoring, Green Deal and e-finance features, and much more – all for only £3.50 a property. Plus with a new rental market feature plug in, Tracker becomes the perfect working software partner.

Tracker’s Professional version is widely used by energy performance companies, but the Standard version now makes Tracker more accessible with a smaller version and more flexibility on price. Both versions still include the vital workflow management, customer management, data extraction and RSAP+ connectivity features required by industry approved assessor companies. It allows businesses to maintain records on their customers, specifying regular services, costs and projects. This is why many Stroma Certification customers are using the software on a daily basis. Job creation is simple and provides a facility for field based staff to send appointment requests and data back into the central office system via the Tracker Online Portal. All data is securely stored within Tracker and all EPCs, OAs, site notes and XMLs can be generated on request.

Upgrading to the Professional version combines all of the Standard features with a plethora of additional bundled functionality. Digital forms can be created, pushed to mobile devices and then extracted as PDFs once data capture has been completed. There is also a new integration with Stroma Certification’s ECO Scoring Tool to help users manage the entire ECO journey in Tracker. This includes creating and managing custom ECO schemes per client, specifying ECO measures and pre-scoring them as well as Ofgem-compliant banking procedures, with a handy dashboard so you can see your ECO activity at a glance.

Another one of Tracker’s key strengths is its ability to integrate with other software modules provided by Stroma Certification. The Professional version also pulls in data from the Energy Estimator pre-qualification website tool to help businesses generate leads, which can be instantly filtered into the Tracker system for appointment setting. The RSAP+ Green Deal Plan and private finance modules are also integrated to enable Green Deal activity to be managed through the Tracker workflow management system and financial support applications to be submitted in a compliant format. An additional new feature coming to the Professional version of Tracker in 3.1 is a lone worker protocol that tracks the movement and activity of staff working independently in the field. This ensures businesses can maintain a duty of care to their staff in case of any emergency or safety concerns.


With a new rental market plug in that can either be attributed to either Standard or a Professional version Tracker becomes the lynchpin for property-based activity, at a very competitive market price (priced on a per property basis). This is why Stroma receives recognition, being awarded Data and Software Company of the Year, 2015; the dedication to development and delivery to customers is paramount. Stroma Certification has also invested in dedicated rental market functionality within Tracker which allows assessors to expand their services into the rental assessment market. By joining Stroma Certification’s Inventory Certification Scheme, Tracker users can lodge inventory and legionella certificates digitally through the software. This vastly reduces their reliance on paperwork and saves time whilst on site. It is an altogether more holistic approach to managing both energy assessment and inventory activity within one software.

Established in 2007, Stroma Certification delivers award-winning Government approved and regulated certification schemes, software solutions and training to major UK energy suppliers and energy assessment organisations. Their expertise in energy assessment allows energy assessors, installers and organisations to benefit from Government schemes such as the Green Deal and ECO. They develop innovative desktop and mobile software to support members with compliance and market advantage.


Steve Horrocks, Technical Director, said: “Version 3 of Tracker served to bring together a number of our software tools to work together under a single platform. The latest release has continued this process with the inclusion of ECO, private finance, rental market functionality and more as an integral part of the Tracker workflow management software. All users now have improved access to industry approved tools which effectively and compliantly manage energy assessment and rental market activity.”


The new release of Tracker has been eagerly anticipated and has already been given excellent feedback in terms of the low cost routes for implementing the software. With an ongoing programme of development through the course of 2015, Tracker continues to be the software of choice for the energy industry.


Customer testimonials:


“Any Green Deal providers who are looking for Green Deal software should look at Stroma software. It’s really good and Stroma provide great support.”


“Stroma are extremely professional and provide impeccable service. I wouldn’t consider using anyone else.”


Tracker is an award-winning, indispensable software addition to your existing business process. Call a Stroma Certification sales representative today on 0845 621 11 11 (ext. 603) to request a full demo. Existing users should contact their account manager for an upgrade.