Technical recruiters IC Resources are turning to LED technology to energise their offices.LEADING technical recruiters IC Resources are now also leading the way in reducing their energy consumption.

With the help of award-winning lighting manufacturer MHA Lighting, IC Resources have cut their lighting energy bills by 79% at their Grazeley offices, near Reading.

In installing the ultra-low energy LED luminaires, the company which specialises in placing candidates in the semiconductor, embedded software and electronics sectors, are set to save £2,510 on their energy bills annually.

This will equate to an energy saving of £42,670 over the product’s lifetime and will save 191 tonnes of Co2.

Daniel Nash, IC Resources director, said: “As a company operating within the technical arena we’ve been keeping up-to-date with the developments being made in LED lighting and the associated benefits.

“After speaking with Litenow lighting consultants it became even more apparent that switching to LED is an investment that can really pay off.

“The IC Resources team is hugely dedicated and work at an extremely fast-pace so it is paramount that the environment they work in is as comfortable and well-lit as possible. Reducing our energy usage and associated carbon footprint is something we were also extremely focussed on doing.

“Litenow recommended MHA Lighting’s products to us andwe are delightedto say that the MHA solution has delivered on all these collective objectives.

“Litenow’s installation team caused no intrusion during installation either, which was completed outside of the offices’ opening hours, causing zero disruption to day-to-day operations.”

Litenow specified MHA Lighting’s WaveStar 202 luminaires (27w including ballast) to replace the existing twin Compact Fluorescents – which were drawing 110w (not inclusive of ballast).

Using patented waveguide technology the WaveStar 202 is able to deliver 98 lumens per circuit watt and 5000Kelvin to ensure working conditions are at the optimum for staff.

Many studies have been done in work settings where activities such as reading and typing improve under lighting around the 5000K mark as people are able to see things much more easily. The colour temperature of the light and the high levels of uniformity are already enhancing the look and feel of the office for employees.

Due to the lighting system’s design and high-reliability, the WaveStar is extremely low maintenance and will run for 109,000 hours of continuous use. With IC Resources 12 hour a day operation over 5.5 days, the lights will not need replacing for 17 years, saving hundreds of pounds annually in maintenance costs over the product’s lifetime and bringing the total savings over the lifetime to £52,628.

The payback period for this installation is just three year and nine months, providing a Return On Investment of 515%.

Tom Harrison, MHA Lighting MD, said: “Given that lighting accounts for 40% of an office’s energy costs, the savings to be had by switching to LED have the potential to have a hugeimpact on a business’ bottom line.

“We are delighted with the savings we have been able to achieve at theIC Resourcesoffices in Grazeleybut the benefits of this installation are much more than just the energy saved.

“The latest in human-centric lighting research suggests that high quality LED lighting improves the working environment and as our LED lighting does not flicker or hum it meets occupational health standards and contributes to a greater feeling of wellbeing amongst staff.

“Our LED technology provides the highest quality uniformly distributed light to create the closest light to natural daylight indoors and the high lux levels we provide can improve employee’s concentration.”

Steve Hiscox, MD of Litenow, added: “The feedback we have received from the IC Resources staff has been hugely positive and it has been a pleasure working with an organisation that fully appreciates the benefits that can be achieved with a high quality LED lighting solution.”