Purple Energy present to the European Biomass AssociationStaffordshire-based Purple Energy were invited to Brussels in March to present to the European Biomass Association (AEBIOM). Director of the renewable energy company, Mark Stafford, presented to approximately 100 attendees from across the European biomass sector at the event entitled ‘Biomass – an economic asset for business and people’.

The event focussed on the positive role of biomass in tackling energy poverty and strengthening EU economic competitiveness. Mr Stafford said: “The European Biomass Association plays a huge part in representing the biomass sector so it was a privilege for Purple Energy to be invited to present to the Association in Brussels.”

The event highlighted bioenergy markets as creating opportunities for companies to invest in cost-effective and local sources of energy, while benefiting from the recognition of being embedded in the green economy. During the event, Mr Stafford discussed the growing use of biomass for heating with the UK and highlighted the significance of the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme in helping to kick-start the UK biomass market.

Mr Stafford said: “Since our inception in 2006 we have seen considerable growth to the industry which has had a significant impact on Purple Energy as we now install biomass systems nationally on both a small and large scale, including for national organisations and government buildings.

“UK businesses are increasingly having to compete based on their environmental credentials and business owners are now recognising both the environmental and financial savings that biomass can offer and ultimately the improved business competitiveness that it can enable.”

Brussels-based AEBIOM is the common voice of the European bioenergy sector and works to develop the market for sustainable bioenergy and ensure favourable business conditions for its members.

Speaking after the event, Anamaria Olaru, of AEBIOM, said: “It is now clearer than ever that biomass is an economic asset for people and business that provides an affordable energy solution. Biomass is the answer to tackling energy poverty and improving economic competitiveness.”

The event was organised under the framework of the Biomass Counts Campaign, an initiative launched by AEBIOM to showcase the numerous benefits of biomass and highlight its key role in achieving the EU’s objectives of economic growth, decarbonisation and energy dependency (www.aebiom.org).

Photo: Mark Stafford presenting to the European Biomass Association in Brussels on 16th March 2015.