Green accounting from York-based HippoJDP is consistently researching and developing its range of innovative products and solutions to offer designers and contractors the most effective ways of dealing with water in a controlled environment. The latest extension to the portfolio RAINBOX Cube is a flexible solution to minimise the risk to localised flooding and provide best practice Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS).

As we continue to cover more ground with concrete the need for efficient local rainwater infiltration/soakaway becomes increasingly important. Likewise during the heavy unpredicted periods of rain experienced through climate change the use of controlled discharge of rainwater through attenuation systems is key.

The RAINBOX Cube system allows two crate modules to be stacked one inside the other, halving transport costs and CO2 emissions. The system is designed to have a high rate of infiltration and barrier free inspection across the whole area allowing the entire system to be monitored. RAINBOX Cube also has heavy-duty load bearing capacity making it suitable for lorry loads of up to 60 tons.

The crates are lightweight, and offer real benefits in terms of reduced time on site, speed of installation and in reducing transport costs, material costs and reduced maintenance costs when compared with traditional alternatives such as conventional drainage channels.