Stroma says yesWith RAINBOX Cube, JDP has partnered with GRAF to provide a total solutions offering for stormwater management from planning and design, through to supply and installation on site. There is an increasing demand from contractors to want attenuation tanks to be provided on a supply and install basis as it removes the risk, on their behalf, of ensuring a completely watertight tank using the geomembrane surround. With the installation option a team of trained and qualified installers is provided to carry out the heat-welding on site in order to achieve a watertight solution.

On a recent project for Design & Build Contractors Algo in Aberdeen, the supply and install solution using the RAINBOX Cube stormwater attenuation system has already proven successful. JDP provided specialist advice to Algo about the installation of the crates anda team of installers was sent to site to manage the installation. The crates and membrane were installed, along with all of the welding of the geomembrane to guarantee watertight seals.

Peter Kolomaznik, the site manager for Algo, was so delighted with the service and the installation provide by JDP that he has recommended the use of the RAINBOX Cube system on the next building.