Envirobank Split Helps Food Waste SegregationLeafield Environmental has enhanced its external recycling bin range by offering the Envirobank Split dual container with a food waste aperture option.

If sent to landfill, food waste rots and generates methane, a powerful greenhouse gas whereas if routed to anaerobic digestion it can be a valuable source of energy.

Of equal, if not greater importance, is the fact that non-segregated food waste can contaminate other valuable waste streams. Even a small amount of food waste can cause a six tonne skip of mixed recyclate to be rejected at the commercial recycling facility, leaving a cost penalty to be paid.

The Envirobank Split accommodates two individual waste streams in two 90-litre wheelie bins accessed for emptying via the hinged front. It is designed with a patented double skin honeycomb structure for ultimate strength and durability, yet its modern lines make it equally suitable for use both internally or externally. The colour-coded apertures conform to WRAP guidelines and include graphics for the waste stream to be collected, as standard.

As the law moves towards the mandatory segregation of food waste (already in place in Scotland) the Envirobank Split is ideally placed to assist in this progress.