heritage aesthetic, simple installation and a low maintenance solution.A new housing development at Waterlooville in Hampshire has reached the halfway point in the construction of 193 new homes that form the first phase of the Berewood Village scheme. For their traditional-style aesthetic, the Cascade cast iron style rainwater system from Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage was specified to combine a heritage aesthetic, simple installation and a low maintenance solution.

Built on a 168-acre plot next to the town of Waterlooville, the 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes signal the start of a brand new ‘garden city’ that will comprise 2,500 homes, two schools, offices, retail, and two new pubs. Following years of careful planning and community consultation, the first part of the scheme is being built by Bloor Homes with a high standard of specification.

In line with the garden city concept of well-designed homes, green spaces and community facilities, every private dwelling is being delivered with incredible attention to detail. Cascade fitted the bill perfectly as the rainwater system that complemented the traditional design, met with planning approval and delivered long term performance.

Manufactured with modern plastic materials, Cascade offers a traditional appearance without the cast-iron price tag. Costing a fraction of the price to buy, install and maintain, Cascade can replace an aluminium or cast iron rainwater specification to deliver projects under budget, ahead of schedule and exceeding expectations.

Available in domestic, high capacity rainwater systems and a complementary 110mm soil system, Cascade also offers several gutter profiles and downpipe styles which are suitable for new build and renovation projects. And to retain the authentic style, each element of the system has been carefully designed to replicate original features, dimensions and detailing.

With the first phase of the stunning Berewood Village scheme at the halfway point, Brett Martin’s Cascade range of cast iron style gutter and downpipe profiles is once again set to provide a stylish and classic aesthetic at a new-build housing development that will not only meet the needs of the architect and developer, but the new residents too.