TAKE FULL CONTROL OF HEATING YOUR HOME WITH myComfortForgot to turn your heating controls on before leaving for work, or want to come home to a warm cosy house after a long vacation or a cold winter’s day? Introducing myComfort from Windhager, an innovative remote heating control mobile app for all of the Windhager biomass range of boilers.

myComfort allows every homeowner to quickly and simply control their individual heating systems every day from any recognised smartphone or tablet. The app can be retro-fitted to all Windhager boilers with MES plus controls* and requires a fixed LAN cable to the householder’s router.

Whether at home or abroad, the heating system is always under control and can be regulated from any location via any recognised smartphone. myComfort provides an intelligent way to have two-way communication with the Windhager boiler. Push messages can be received from the boiler to a smartphone about its status, such as fuel levels, emptying the ash pan and service reminders.

“myComfort is an innovative and stylish application that has enabled us to answer all our customers’ needs. The mobile app allows the temperature of our boilers to be set even before you come home or to save energy when you leave your house. 
It offers bespoke controls to suit any individual need for how they want to heat their home. As industry leaders in biomass boilers it is important for Windhager to stay at the forefront of heating technology and provide our customers with as much flexibility as they require when using our products- myComfort achieves exactly that,” commented Oliver Duckworth, Commercial Director.

For quick and simple decisions extra pre-programmed functions, Eco or Comfort mode can be chosen automatically when bespoke heating is not required. With the weekly overview option available within the app, it is easy to set up and organise the heating programme and heating modes can be changed, such as the single domestic hot water refill mode that charges the hot water cylinder outside the usual hot water programs.

A demo version of the Windhager myComfort heating app is now available on Apple and Android devices which can be downloaded via www.windhager.co.uk