Bright Prospects for Metro Dome Litter BinsLeafield Environmental is launching a new, economy, Dome Top Metro litter bin, that it claims is ideal for schools, colleges, commercial, businesses and leisure use. Combining contemporary design with rugged practicality and great value, the Dome Top version will prove a useful addition to the Metro bin range.

The black bin body, with its ‘tidyman’ logo and integral ballast, is manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene and the bright eye catching lids come in red, lime green, grey, blue and dark green to suit your preference.

Used with a plastic sack and the internal sack retention device the bin has a capacity of 120 litres and 100 litres when used with an internal liner.

The lift-off, dome shaped lid deters users from putting items on the top. Double apertures provide easy ‘walk by’ access and the lid is easily removed for emptying. Secure locking and stubber plate are optional.

Despite its economy price point, this high durability, Dome Top Metro bin will give many years of useful service.