Stroma says yesMany years of experience in manufacturing and supply of below ground drainage solutions enables water management specialists JDP to offer the specifier, contractor and house builder a total system solution. The philosophy is more than product solutions and is based on understanding the project requirements, delivering expert technical advice combined with the highest quality products ensuring the best solution for each application.

Pipes and fittings selection guidance:

The calculation of flow rates will need to be considered in the selection of the appropriate drainage pipe and fittings. The capacity of the drainage system is determined by the diameter and gradient of the specified pipework. JDP offer a full range of BS EN1401-1 underground drainage pipe and fittings from 82 to 160mm diameter with plain-ended pipes and separate push-fit couplings or socketed pipes and fittings for use in house drainage.

Manholes and Inspection Chambers guidance:

Access may be provided by (non-man-entry) inspection chambers or (man-entry) manholesdepending on the depth at which the drain is laid. The guiding principle in the location ofmanholes or inspection chambers is that they should be situated as to allow every length ofdrain to be accessible for maintenance inspection and removal of debris.

In general, manholes or inspection chambers should be provided in the following situations:

1. At all changes of direction on drains (except for drains where the change in direction is not too great for cleaning)

2. At all changes of gradient on drains (except for drains where the change in gradient is not too great for cleaning)

3. At all drain junctions where cleaning is not otherwise possible

4. On a drain within 12m from a junction between that drain and another drain, unless there is an inspection chamber situated at that junction

5. At the head of each length of drain

6. At all changes in pipe diameter.

Underground drainage systems are manufactured to the highest possible standards and comply with BS EN 1401-1:1998, which specifies the requirements for underground pipes and fittings.All systems are capable of meeting the design, layout, construction, testing and maintenance requirements in BS EN 752: Parts 1 to 4:1996 to 1998 Drain and sewer systems outside buildings and BS EN 1610:1998 Construction and testing of drains and sewers.


Manufactured in concrete, these manholes are large enough to allow access to the drainage system using the appropriate health and safety apparatus.  Available from 1050 to 4000mm, they can be supplied with preformed base units in 1200, 1500 and 1800mm diameters chambers comprising of a monolithic concrete base available benched in any configuration within days of requisitions. This preformed system negates the need for any onsite benching, ready mix concrete base or surround.

House Inspection & Rectangular Inspection Chambers:

JDP provide the developer and contractor with a range of concrete rectangular House Inspection chamber sections with easy install joints and various cover slabs to take manhole covers. Chambers using 600x450mm through 1200x750mm sections are considered non-man entry and steps are not required.Chamber sections and cover slabs are manufactured to BS EN1917:2002 / BS 5911-4:2002.Rectangular covers and cover surrounds are manufactured to satisfy Class A15 loading situations to BS EN 124. All units are to sulphate resistance Class 4.

Light Duty – All chamber sections, cover slabs and concrete covers are for use in areas of light loading as imposed by a car or light van, equivalent to a wheel load of 15kN.

Axedo Plastic Inspection Chambers:

The Axedo 600 Chamber is designed for use as demarcation chambers or main sewer or surface water inspection chambers. Installed at depths of up to 6m and Axedo comprises of a base unit available in various channel configurations, with 600mm shaft, sealing ring and restrictor cap. The shaft is finished at ground level with a cover slab and cover also available. The base unit is available with 150mm, 225mm, 300mm or 375mm connections to all main UK pipe systems including Adoptable Sewer, HDPE Twinwall and Clay. Other pipe systems and sizes can be accommodated with the use of adaptors or inlet reducers. Flexibility to adapt to site conditions is provided by the rubber seal connection accommodating angular movement.

Axedo plastic inspection chambers’ features & benefits

• Available in 200 mm, 300 mm, 450 mm and 600 mm shaft diameter to cover both part 1 and part 2 applications

• Traditional use of concrete chambers will require a much larger excavation than the equivalent modern plastic chamber

• The use of plastic chambers can lead to savings in installation time of up to 50%, saving cost both in time and materials, and in addition offering non-man entry access as defined in the new standard

• JDP has developed its Axedo range of plastic inspection chambers suitable for depths of up to 6 m offering full compliancewith the requirements of SfA 7, which states 3 m

• Lightweight and tight fitting

• Excellent resistance to corrosion and chemicals compounds

• Minimum need for mechanical tools – quicker and easier installation

• For pipe diameters of 100 to 375 mm

• For adoptable as well as non-adoptable applications.

Covers & Frames:

JDP supply covers in, polypropylene, composites, galvanized steel, cast and ductile iron for use with preformed plastic inspection chambers from class A15 to F900 loading.