Airflow unoAirflow Developments Limited has launched the new Duplexvent ‘UNO’ DV40, a unique single room heat recovery unit designed to provide an improved air quality to residential properties, social housing and commercial premises.

Considering the ventilation requirements of any property need not be a headache with the  Duplexvent UNO. Regardless of the age or style of the building, UNO is a retrofit solution that can be easily installed through any exterior wall, from a bedroom to an office. The UNO DV40 does not have a need for any central ducting, resulting in a seamless, hassle free installation and an overall cost saving to the home or building owner.

Installing an UNO DV40 provides continuous mechanical ventilation, helping protect the building fabric against the development of damp and mould growth that can spread quickly throughout a dwelling with a lack of effective ventilation. Improving the indoor air quality also reduces the risks of health ailments to occupants, such as headaches, asthma and allergies, from potentially harmful condensation within the air generated from daily tasks such as cooking, washing and bathing.

Unlike other single room heat recovery units on the market, the Duplexvent UNO DV40 is equipped with two EC fans which consume as little as 9 watts and deliver a balanced supply and extraction of air at all times. A highly efficient counter-flow heat exchanger assists in the utilisation of generated waste heat to warm incoming fresh air, and exceeds a heat recovery efficiency of 90% almost unknown fora unit of its size.

The unit is protected by a metal polymer coated casing, with a 10mm synthetic rubber insulation that helps to achieve a near silent operation and also eliminates the risk of thermal bridging.

Tunca Sekban, MVHR product manager at Airflow Developments said: “Ventilation needs to be considered on a wider spectrum and should not be seen as exclusive or only applicable to specific properties. The UNO DV40 single room heat recovery unit from Airflow now provides a cost and energy efficient solution to a wide range of both domestic and commercial properties, helping to successfully achieve ERP 2013/15 standards.”

Additional benefits include automatic frost protection that prevents condensate freezing in cold periods, along with two G4 filters that clean the indoor air and protect the internal components of the unit. Control of the unit is provided through a simple and easy to use digital display, while a wireless controller allows adjustments to be made from anywhere within the room.

Airflow is keen to advise residents, owners and occupiers of domestic, social and commercial premises that there is an urgent need to review ventilation within a property to meet new standards implemented by the ERP 2013/15.