Green accounting from York-based HippoAubrey Meyer developer of the framework known as Contraction and Convergence launches a new carbon accounting tool at the Centre for Alternative Technology.

The new educational resource, CBAT (short for the Carbon Budgeting Accounting Tool) brings to life a process of ‘Contraction and Convergence’ which helps the user explore the potential of global climate deals that are do-able and fair, ending up with roughly equal global rights per capita to emit. The CBAT tool helps us understand this process by interactively modelling the rates of change of net greenhouse gas emissions. CBAT is aimed at everybody (experts and students alike ) to help us decide what needs to happen in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Developer Aubrey Meyer says: “The purpose of CBAT is ‘educational’ with an emphasis on improving the understanding of what is needed for us to really achieve the UN goal of avoiding really dangerous climate change. CBAT has a broad base of support that includes United Nations secretary Ban Ki-moon, Caroline Lucas, Rowan Williams, Jonathon Porrit, Tony Juniper and many more.

The Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth is the UK’s leading environmental educational charity. Set up in 1975 to inform, inspire and enable practical solutions for sustainable living. CBAT was launched during the Politics and Economy module of CAT’s new masters in Sustainability and Adaptation. Tom Barker, senior lecturer at CAT said: “ It is an honour for CAT to have CBAT launched here, it will be a very effective tool in the fight against climate change and a brilliant opportunity for our students to get to grips with a new a new technology to better understand climate accounting.”