HEWITECH EXPANDS INTO INSTALLATION WORK2With ever increasing numbers of stormwater management projects to handle, plastic media company, Hewitech UK has decided to take control of the installation of its stormwater attenuation tanks in-house.

This is a significant move for Hewitech UK as Managing Director, Dave Fozzard explains: “This is very much part of our continuing growth plan for the company.  Installing our own products on-site means that we have better control over quality and health and safety, and at the same time we can be even more competitive on complete project costs.”

Hewitech’s Variobox product, which is used in making stormwater attenuation tanks, is recognised as the strongest product on the market at 700KN/m2vertically and 200KN/m2laterally, all tested to RAL standards.

To carry out the installation work, Hewitech UK has invested in both people and equipment.  The installation team are to use state-of-the-art Demtech welders for welding the LLPE membranes around the assembled Variobox modules before then covering with 300gm protective fleece. The company also uses air testing equipment to test the tanks for water tightness and the seams, and thereafter be able to warrant all installations. Control boxes are also included in the Variobox tanks by the installation team to ensure ease of future access and maintenance.

As well as installing stormwater attenuation tanks, Hewitech UK can also install other SUDs applications such as membranes under permeable pavements and open pond lagoons.

Recent stormwater management projects by Hewitech UK have been for companies such as Brookfield Multiplex, Rydon, Carillion, Keir and GB Building Solutions.

With its expansion into installation work, Hewitech is also well placed to take advantage of business under AMP6 from the utilities market, in addition to servicing specifiers and customers in the construction, retail, office, defence, housing and school markets.