Stroma says yesA Passive House building does not just save costs; one of the main advantages of this energy-efficient construction method is the high level of thermal comfort it offers. Those wishing to get their own impression will have the chance to do so during the International Passive House Days event which is taking place from 7 to 9 November in many countries around the world. Experts will demonstrate how it works, residents will share their experiences. An overview of the buildings being opened to the general public in various cities and regions is provided on

During a visit, it quickly becomes apparent that the Passive House is distinguished by a demonstrably higher quality of indoor air compared with a conventional building; mould formation is practically excluded, and – despite persistent claims to the contrary – opening windows is also permitted in Passive Houses. Those planning their own homes or intending to construct buildings, but are still uncertain, will be able to clarify many questions in personal talks with inhabitants of Passive Houses, some of whom have been living in these for many years. Opportunities for this will be offered in many countries and regions.

Over a third of the total energy consumed in industrialised countries results from the operation of buildings – most of this goes towards heating and cooling. This consumption can be reduced by up to 90 percent using Passive House technology. Widespread implementation of this construction method will thus contribute significantly towards the achievement of the energy revolution and towards climate protection – at the same time it also constitutes a sure path towards less dependence on raw material imports.

The International Passive House Days have been taking place each year since 2004. Tens of thousands of people have already availed themselves of this opportunity to personally experience the advantages of the Passive House. This year there will be an addition to the established concept: for the first time, manufacturers of Passive House components will also be participating in the event, and explain to visitors the functioning e.g. of a ventilation system with heat recovery or the special features of triple-glazed Passive House windows.

The Passive House Days is an international event organised by the International Passive House Association (iPHA), along with its partners in a variety of countries. Those wishing to participate with their own Passive House building may do so by registering online at