Integrated doors saved my lifeHomeowner Jody Shadforth says: “It’s funny to say that a door and blind can improve your quality of life but it can.”She was reflecting on the nine sets of Centor Integrated Doors she has had fitted in the living, dining and bedroom areas of her waterside home.

Centor Integrated Doors were launched in 2013 and they’re the world’s first patio doors with built-in screens, shades and blinds, combined in one beautiful, elegant door system. Designed to effectively control insects, privacy and sunlight with finger touch lateral movement, there is easy and convenient access through the widest of doors.  When not in use they retract completely into the door jambs, leaving no visual distractions, only sleek, stylish aesthetics.

At Jody’s canal side home, harsh sunlight reflecting off the water caused real dazzle in their kitchen/dining area. Having folding doors installed that came complete with a built-in light-filtering shade has meant that glare is controlled all day long. “The integrated blinds and screens are amazing,” she says. “They’re beautiful doors. You can feel the quality when you open them.”

For her, the blackout blinds represent not just better living but also improved thermal performance. Already amongst the top rated patio doors, hot-house test have shown that when the blinds are fully drawn, the extra layer of insulation improves U values by 0.15.