Celotex helps to improve thermal performance at Holmbrye Road in GlasgowLocated south of Glasgow city centre in Castlemilk, Thenue Housing Association undertook a project to refurbish a series of three-storey blocks of flats to bring them up to latest performance standards. At Holmbyre Road, a new insulated render system was specified to improve the homes’ thermal performance and the overall external aesthetic of the housing stock.

At the 138 property regeneration project, Thenue Housing Association and main contractor CCG required a high performance insulation to complete a new insulated render system. Both the client and its residents wanted the project to make a strong visual statement that was attractive and contemporary whilst complying with the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS). Set to be applied to the series of ten multi-storey blocks, the insulation specification had to contribute to an improved U-value of 0.3W/m2K to achieve SHQS 2015 compliance.

With the insulation layer a vital element in the insulated render system, the specification of a high performance solution was a prerequisite. To meet the thermal performance requirements and installation programme, specialist contractor Alumasc applied 6,000m2 of Celotex SW3000.

Supplied in a thickness of 80mm to achieve the target U-value of 0.3W/m2K, Alumasc installed Celotex SW3000 PIR boards and a dry dash and silkolit finish to the ten block project. On the lower site existing Trespa cladding was retained, while a new cladding was applied on the upper site to provide uniformity across both applications.

With a thermal performance as low as 0.026 W/mK, Celotex SW3000 has a better thermal efficiency than many other insulation products that are used on EWI systems. This results in SW3000 being up to 50% thinner than many mineral fibre products which in turn reduced installation time and cost to the specialist contractor.

As part of the comprehensive refurbishment to the post-WW2 properties, Thenue Housing achieved substantial thermal improvements in the building fabric of these three properties. With its high quality and sustainable solutions, Celotex to deliver the target U-value of 0.3W/m2K – offering improved comfort levels, reductions in heating costs and CO2 emissions, and significant cost savings on the overall construction programme.