An international childcare company has used ThermaSkirt to provide an efficient and safe heating system in its new Lancashire nursery. AVS Estates Limited are leading providers of pre-school care in Germany and have chosen Coal Clough House in Burnley to accommodate the first Giant Leap Childcare and Learning Centre.

The renovation and extension of the impressive listed building needed careful planning and required a heating system to be both affordable and in keeping with the period features. ThermaSkirt’s fully sealed, wipe down profile combined with its rapid response and low surface temperature, makes it a safe and easy heating alternative for the childcare environment.

Restrictions on planning and design that listed buildings entail provided a major issue for AVS Estates when considering the heating system. It needed to be subtle and effective yet achieve the strict safety standards the nursery environment demands.

Replacing radiators and skirting trim in one convenient and easy retrofit package, ThermaSkirt has been installed all around the children’s play areas and bathroom facilities to provide a gentle and energy efficient heat.

Specified in Double Deco and Urban LT profiles in Cricket White, the low surface temperature radiant panel skirting boards free up valuable wall space that would have been taken up by radiators. Maintenance and cleaning is easily achieved due to the smooth wipe clean profile that is robust enough to endure the inevitable challenges of a pre-school environment.

The children’s safety is paramount with the high security fixing allowing ThermaSkirt to lie flush with the wall and floor, combined with the absence of exposed pipes eliminating trip hazards. The low surface temperature of the radiant skirting board makes it an incredibly child friendly option.

As ThermaSkirt provides a radiant heat there are no draughts or hot/cold spots that cause dust and particles to move around in the air current that convection radiators produce. By removing such movement ThermaSkirt neutralises the effect dust particles can have on respiratory conditions and significantly reduces the spread of bugs and germs.

As an ‘above ground’ system ThermaSkirt has a rapid response time allowing it to easily cope with the different class sizes, fluctuating occupancy levels and various activities, all while ensuring heat is not wasted as ThermaSkirt’s heat output can be increased or decreased remarkably quickly.

AVS Estates managing director, Dr Domenica Hume explained: “We wanted Giant Leap Nursery to be a ‘home from home’ for our children, and we have paid particular attention to all the little details that can make such a difference to a child’s development and welfare. We wanted a safe and comfortable environment for them to play in, and the ThermaSkirt system gives us just that.”