Say-Goodbye-to-Flooding-with-Tobermore’sPermeable-Paving-300x225Established paving and walling manufacturer, Tobermore, offer an innovative and eco-friendly range of Hydropave permeable paving products to the commercial and domestic markets throughout the UK and Ireland. Tobermore’s Hydropave permeable paving systems allow the creation of standout hard landscaping designs with environmentally friendly products that essentially reduce the risk of flooding and pollution.

As urban and industrial areas throughout the UK have continued to expand, the total area of impermeable surfaces such as roads, pavements and car parks has increased. This means that rainfall cannot infiltrate naturally into the ground and is putting our already overloaded drainage systems to an even greater test. With global warming also leading to increased levels of rainfall, Tobermore recognise that our ageing drainage systems are no longer able to cope with high volumes of storm water run-off and this inevitably leads to flash flooding, increased pollution and damage to the environment.

The solution to flooding and pollution issues is the use of more sustainable methods of storm water drainage, referred to as SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems). Tobermore’s Hydropave permeable paving system, as part of a SUDS solution, provides a sustainable and eco-friendly hard landscaping solution. This is due to the fact that Hydropave products deal with run off close to where rain falls, manage potential flooding at its source and protect water quality and water resources from accidental spills and pollution. Tobermore’s permeable paving allows new development in areas where existing sewerage systems are at full capacity and encourages natural groundwater recharge.

Tobermore manufacture a variety of permeable paving product styles to ensure that the paving not only provides practical benefits, but also offers fabulous landscape design options to suit every type of commercial scheme. Tobermore’s extensive Hydropave range can also be machine laid which guarantees increased cost savings. Founded in 1942, Tobermore views itself as an inspiration to local businesses throughout the UK and Ireland in their continuous generation of product adaptations and the development of exciting new product lines.