Mini-Container-provides-space-solution-for-biomass-heating-300x225Ponast Mini Containers provide a durable and cost effective solution for housing Ponast wood pellet boilers in situations where internal space in buildings is limited. Supplied as a ready made unit, the Ponast Mini Container is quick and easy to install on a purpose-built concrete slab with underground pipe work to transport the heating to the property.

Thermal Earth supplies Ponast Mini Containers for Ponast wood pellet boilers to provide a simple solution for heating installations where only one biomass boiler is required, particularly in domestic situations. Constructed of galvanised steel, the Mini Containers have room for a Ponast KP wood pellet boiler and pellet store with a 250kg capacity.

A major complication of converting to biomass heating is finding the space required to house the boiler, pellet supply and associated accessories that make up a heating system. The Ponast Mini Container is a stand-alone construction that accommodates the entire wood pellet system away from the property at a significant distance if desired as underground district heating pipework connects the boiler to the house.

The Mini Container needs only a flat concrete surface on which to be placed, eliminating large scale building works or planning permission required to erect a permanent brick structure as done previously to fulfil the same requirements.

The boiler flue is able to be installed either horizontally or vertically and defrost protection is provided in the event of the fuel supply running out resulting in the water contained in the boilers water jacket possibly freezing. Access to both the boiler and the pellet store is by a door to each section making servicing and refilling quick and simple while auger feeders supply the boiler with pellets directly making it a fully automatic system. The boiler operation is controlled by a separate measurement and regulation system furthering the ease of use and low maintenance the boiler entails. A three-mantle stainless steel chimney is attached to the container to provide the boiler with a smoke outlet.

As the district heating market has expanded, so too has the technology used within the system, including the underground pipe work used to connect the container to the heat distribution system in the property. Thermal Earth use a pre-insulated pipe, developed specifically for this type of heating installation, that features open cell insulation to lower thermal conductivity and a corrugated outer sleeve to give maximum flexibility to navigate even the most intricate of routes easily. Supplied in long lengths of up to 350 metres and sealed together with compression sleeve joints, the pipe enables the property to achieve the best heating efficiency from the wood pellet boiler.

Available in a wide range of colours, the Mini Container can also be specified with feathered wood edge panelling ensuring the container is able to blend in with a range of backgrounds and architectural designs.